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The 2010 Fiaf Award

May 10th


  • The distance Oslo – Mo i Rana is ap. 1000 km, railway 12 hours
  • You have to organize travel and accommodation yourself, see links
  • You are very welcome!

New Deadline, No Extras: April 20.


Dear friends, you’re almost here!

Experience tells that when in a new city there are two questions that needs to be answered promptly: Where is the action? How to get there?

The 66th Fiaf Congress Oslo 2010 with the JTS takes place on different sites along the same line of transportation. Buses or street cars are useful means of transportation along this line, and they’ll arrive approximately every 3 minutes. If you don’t feel the need for a walk then; it takes about 30 minutes from beginning to end.

For practical reasons, let’s name useful bus stops and walking time from the stops:
      Solli – The National Library of Norway, 2 minutes’ walk. Registration, opening party and congress services.
      Nationaltheatret – Klingenberg Kino, JTS, 2 minutes. Oslo Town Hall. 6 minutes, Reception. The Town Hall Pier, 8 minutes – Excursion.
      Kongens gate - The Norwegian Film Institute, Dronningensgt. 16, 5 minutes. Screenings, meetings and General Assembly.
      Jernbanetorget – Oslo Central Station. 10 minutes’ walk to The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, Closing Party.

There will be a printable map where you will find these names, and you will also get one in your event folder.

Look for the name NARVESEN or 7-Eleven; and you will find shops that will sell bus/streetcar tickets in various quantities. Also; write down the name and address of your hotel on a piece of paper if you are going to take a taxi there. Many taxi drivers in Oslo are new to the country, and their knowledge of addresses varies.

A useful web site in many languages: Visit Oslo

Asbjørn Inge Straumfors