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(Approximate duration of each intervention, in minutes, is given in brackets)

Monday 19 Apr – Morning session 10 am to 1 pm

Chair: Dr. Ngo Hieu Chi - VFI

Introductory presentation
Setting the scene: an introduction to the issues facing needy archives and the audiovisual archiving movement
Ray Edmondson (20)

Coffee break (30)




Topic 1: Persuasion and Perception

What can be done to grow an archive’s support base, to successfully advocate its needs, to persuade government authorities, to manage perceptions? How does an archive move from a situation of continuing emergency to a more sustainable footing?

Organising joint government support for a building project: a case study
Bounchao Phichit (15)

Building grass roots support at home
Kannika Chivapakdee (15)

UNESCO: Building awareness – Memory of the World and other things
Susanne Ornager (15)

A structural solution for self-help
Vicky Belarmino (15)

Surveying the need
Mick Newnham / David Boden (20)

Building an intellectual climate
Nick Deocampo (20)

Questions and answers (30)

Monday 19 Apr - Afternoon session 2 pm to 6 pm

Topic 2: Supporting Each Other – practical steps

Chair: Lim Soh Kwang

No archive is an island, and if the global task of preserving the world’s audiovisual memory is to succeed, inequalities have to be addressed. We will have to bear one another’s burdens, sharing skills and resources. How can it be done? Are there practical guides? Is there hands-on help? What are the possibilities for training, ‘volunteers abroad’, joint projects and other initiatives?

School on wheels: a first step in Iberoameric
Iván Trujillo Bolio (20)

Volunteers abroad: being there
Brigitte Paulowitz (15)

Joint preservation and restoration: Reel emergency and other ideas
Paolo Cherchi Usai

Repatriation: it’s time
Belina Capul (15)

The commercial perspective: a TV network in a cultural context
Mary del Pilar (15)

Forum on training: the CCAAA paper and beyond
Crispin Jewitt, Emma Rey, Paolo Cherchi Usai, Mick Newnham, Ivan Trujillo, Susanne Ornagger

Coffee break (30)

An externally supported project: Lao Archive of Traditional Music
Thongbang Homsombat (15)

Cataloguing and inventory control: doing it simply
Nancy Goldman (30)

Questions and answers (30)

Tuesday 20 Apr – Morning session 9 am to 1 pm

Topic 3: Buying Time – technical and other issues

Chair: Mick Newnham

Facing preservation challenges with insufficient resources, what can be done to “buy time” in the context of rapid technical change? What standards and compromises are acceptable – and not acceptable?

Conservation and reproduction: two complementary performances for the preservation of the film heritage
Alfonso del Amo (30)

Molecular sieves - Zeolotoc materials produced in Vietnam
Prof. Dr. Nguyen huu Phu / Ing. Bui Van Hoa (15)

Swedish-Vietnamese joint project - Restoration of a color fading film by processing
Jan-Erik Billinger / Dr Hoang nhu Yen (25)

Digital restoration and structure
Thomas Bakels / Dinh Van Hung (25)

Coffee break (15)

FIRST principles and application
Paul Read (30)

Prestospace project
Edwin van Huis (15)

Questions and answers (30)

Topic 4:
Concluding Panel Discussion:
Getting serious – a reel difference

Where do we go from here? How do we change direction, change the status quo? How are FIAF and SEAPAVAA fulfilling their stated aims to encourage the development of archives and archiving? What more can/should they do? (60)