Friday 23 April – FIRST SESSION - 9 am

1. Opening of the 60th FIAF Congress – 8th SEAPAVAA Conference

2. Confirmation of the status and voting rights of the FIAF affiliates present or represented

3. Adoption of the Agenda

4. Approval of the Minutes of the GA held in Stockholm and Helsinki in 2003


5. Report of the President on behalf of the Executive Committee

6. Financial Reports 2003, and 2004

7. Budget 2005

8. Affiliation

a. Report of the Secretary General on Current Affiliation
b. New Affiliates
c. Other

9. Amendments to Statutes and Rules

a. Changes to Statutes and Rules as agreed at the EC meting in Montréal – voting procedures (Rule 41)
b. Updates of Statutes & Rules in view of the Brussels situation

10. The Specialised Commissions

a. Technical Commission
b. Cataloguing and Documentation Commission
c. Programming and Access to Collections Commission

11. Publications and other Projects

a. FIAF Award
b. Nitrate Book
c. The Reel Emergency Project
d. A Handbook for Film Archives
e. The FIAF Website
f. Journal of Film Preservation
g. The FIAF International Film Archive Database, The Film Volume
h. Professional training (Summer School, School on Wheels, etc.)
i. Other

12. Relations with UNESCO and other International Organisations

a. Relations with UNESCO, CCAAA and other Moving Images Archives Associations (FIAF and non-FIAF)
b. The Joint Technical Symposium
c. Other

13. Future Congresses

a. 2005: Ljubljana
b. 2006: Sao Paulo
c. 2007: standing invitations
d. 2008 and beyond

Saturday 24 April – OPEN FORUM - 9 am

15. Open Forum

a. Registration/Announcement Open Forum Subjects
b. Presentation of Archives
c. Other

16. Closure of the 60th FIAF Congress – 8th SEAPAVAA Conference