Wednesday 25 April

Workshop: Cataloguing and Documentation Commission

Introduction to New Cataloguing Tools and Standards Developments in cataloguing, including the European CEN standard and its relationship to the FIAF Cataloguing Rules revision
by Nancy Goldman

The BFI's Collections Information Database (CID) - a practical application of the CEN metadata standard BFI's new collections management system that brings together technical records and filmographic data with fully integrated workflow management in a hierarchical data structure based on the CEN standard.
by Stephen McConnachie

The FIAF Cataloguing Rules Progress to date in revising the 1991 FIAF Cataloguing Rules to harmonize with new data structures and content standards while remaining backward-compatible.
by Thelma Ross

Joint Workshop: Technical Commission and Commission for Programming and Access to Collections “CULTURAL PROGRAMMING IN THE AGE OF TRANSITION PART II”

Film Distribution in Asia: the Transition from 35 mm to Digit
by Sungji Oh

Digital Preservation
by David Walsh

DCP Workflow from Master File to DCP
by Thomas Christensen

Building a Foreign Film Collection in the Digital Era
by Jon Wengström

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