The 68th FIAF Congress will be held from Monday 23 to Saturday 28 April 2012. It will be preceded by Executive Committee meeting on 21-22 April. The Symposium on “Animation
around the World” will take place on the on 23-24 April.


The General Assembly and the Symposium will be held at the CFA Art Theatre; other meetings will be in the CFA meeting rooms or theatres accordingly.


Friday 20 April

Arrival of Executive Committee Members

Cataloguing and Documentation Commission Meeting

Saturday 21 April

Executive Committee meeting – Day 1
Reception evening banquet for EC members

Cataloguing and Documentation Commission Meeting

Sunday 22 April

Executive committee meeting – Day 2
Arrival and registration of delegates

Cataloguing and Documentation Commission Meeting

Welcome party

Monday 23 April

Opening of the Congress

Symposium – Day 1
“Animation around the World”

Tuesday 24 April

Symposium – Day 2
“Animation around the World”

Wednesday 25 April

Second Century Forum (am)

Regional meetings and workshops (pm)

Thursday 26 April


Great Wall of China

Forbidden City


Friday 27 April

General Assembly – First Session (am)

General Assembly – Second Session (pm)

Saturday 28 April

General assembly – Third Session (am)

Closure of the General Assembly (pm)

Open Forum (pm)

Closing meeting of the Executive Committee

Farewell party


Sunday 29 April