FIAF 2007 TOKYO from 7th to 12th April 2007
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Welcome Event
Friday, April 6 18:30-21:00 at Yaesu Fujiya Hotel

In order to celebrate the meeting of participants in the 63rd FIAF Congress in Tokyo, NFC will host the welcome reception on at the 2nd-floor banquet room of Yaesu Fujiya Hotel, the main hotel of this congress, within a few-minute walk both from NFC Headquarters and JR Tokyo Station.

The welcome reption is made possible by support from IMAGICA Corp.

Technical Debriefing: Two Possibilities of Leading Edge Technology for Film Archiving
Saturday, April 7 17:20-18:20 at Cinema 1, NFC

Scientists from Fuji Film and Sony, Japan's two leading audiovisual companies, will make brief presentations of how far their study and researches of high-end technologies have reached on the photo-chemical side from the former, and on the digital side from the latter, and will discuss how these technologies will affect the future of film archives and archiving. Q&A with the audiences will follow.

Excursion and Institutional Visit
Tuesday, April 10

In this planned full-day excursion and institutional visit, participants will leave NFC Headquarters at 9:00 and go to Ashigara Factory of Fuji Film Company, one of the world's leading film stock manufacturers.

Located 70 km southwest of the central Tokyo, the factory will host a tour within the factory including the room which exhibits the process of emulsion application for color stock.After lunch in the premises of the factory, the participants will move to NFC Sagamihara Annex which is facilitated with 2-story basement film vaults (1st basement floor: 10°C, 40%RH; 2nd basement floor: 5°C, 40%RH; vault for films suffering from vinegar syndrome: 2°C, 35%RH), inspection room and a small cinema (200 seats, equipped with two 35/16mm projectors).

While conducting an optional guided tour in the vaults, NFC will present a collection of recent restorations at the cinema, which demonstrates a generic diversity of tours de force in prewar Japan.The screening program at Sagamihara (total running time: 120 minutes):

(The Japanese Expedition to Antarctica, 1912, M-Pathé Shokai, photographed by Yasunao Taizumi) 35mm, b/w, 17 minutes [18 fps], silent, with English subtitles;

(An Unforgettable Grudge, 1926, Nikkatsu [Taishogun Studio], directed by Daisuke Ito) 35mm, 12 minutes [18 fps], tinted color, silent, fragment, with English subtitles;

ZANJIN ZANBAKEN (Swashing Swords, 1929, Shochiku [Kyoto Studio], directed by Daisuke Ito) 35mm, b/w, 26 minutes [18 fps], silent, fragment, with English subtitles. Digitally restored from the 9.5mm film;

(Fighting Friends - Japanese Style, 1929, Shochiku [Kamata Studio], directed by Yasujiro Ozu) 35mm, b/w, 14 minutes [24 fps], silent, abridged version, with English subtitles. Digitally restored from the 9.5mm film;

(Burglars of "Baghdad" Castle, 1926, Jiyu Eiga Kenkyujo, directed by Noburo Ofuji) 35mm, b/w, 14 minutes [18 fps], silent, abridged version, with English subtitles. Restored from the 16mm film;

(The Fantasy of Madame Butterfly, 1940, Asahi Eiga, directed by Kazugoro Arai and Nakaya Tobiishi) 16mm, b/w, 11 minutes, sound;

(The Spider and the Tulip, 1943, Shochiku Doga Kenkyujo, directed by Kenzo Masaoka) 35mm, b/w, 15 minutes, sound; and

(The Phantom Ship, 1956, Ofuji Studio, directed by Noburo Ofuji) 35mm, color, 11 minutes, sound.

Transportation of the day and the coordination of the tour in the Ashigara Factory are generously supported by Fuji Film Co., Ltd.

Farewell Reception
Thursday, April 12 19:30-22:00 at Tokyo National Museum Gallery of Horyuji Treasures

NFC will host the farewell reception at the gallery of Tokyo National Museum, located in the Ueno district, a 10-minute ride of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line from NFC Headquarters for Asakusa.

Walking through Ueno Park where the festive mood will prevail under cherry blossoms to the huge complex of the national museum, you will be enshrouded in the serene atmosphere of the gallery which keeps and exhibits the holdings of national treasures from Horyuji Temple (built the year of 607 in Nara).

Let us celebrate the ending of the congress and promise to see each other again at Paris 2008.

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