FIAF Programming and Access to Collection Commission workshop
Wednesday, June 8 - 02.00 pm

It will cover the following three topics:
The Norwegian Filminstitute has started digitizing its national film archive through a project called Digital Film Archive and – together with technology owners – developed a system for distribution of films from the Norwegian film heritage by broadband as a video-on-demand service by the Internet and IP-TV to the general public in Norway and to schools, universities and libraries. Part of the project has been to negotiate contracts with copyright holders, who will have their share of the income from the service. The public video on demand service was opened to the public in November 2004 and till now more than 100 000 films have been screened.
Deputy Director General of the Norwegian Film Institute, Erlend Jonassen, will present the project and the service, which now holds some 200 films of any kind and genre produced between 1911 to 2004. With a quick glance at the technical solutions he will concentrate on the questions of digital copyright, business models and on a discussion of what impact such services will have on film archives and on the work of preserving and restoring films in the future.

This long awaited FIAF project is now on the net and will be presented by the author Torkell Sætervadet. Hopefully it will fill a need and useful in the years to come. But it must be followed up and maintained. And there are questions to be answered: Who should have access? Should the whole or parts be printed? Should there be a kind of feedback, and a possibility of correspondence with the author? Etc. etc. And last, but not least: Should it be translated into more languages?

Coffee break at 3.45 pm

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04.00 pm

In the Helsinki Congress of 2003, a FIAF electronic subtitling network was launched. Quickly, 17 archives joined or reacted to the initiative:
Athinai, Barcelona, Beograd, Bologna, Budapest, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Köbenhavn, London's National Film Theatre (NFT), Luxembourg, Madrid, München, New York's MoMA, Oslo, Stockholm, and Valencia. Every FIAF archive and affiliate is invited. We decided to drop the ideas of a common standard and a common language for electronic subtitling. However, a lot can be done for mutual benefit, most importantly exchanging translations, intermediary translations, and original-language scripts. The administrative burden of the network is to be kept to the minimum, although we are dealing with massive amounts of information. Each member of the network can take steps to negotiate rights for its translations, give access to other members to its translations and script collections, and, whenever possible, make materials accessible as data files.

In Ljubljana, various approaches and technical solutions to electronic subtitling are presented. For the moment, there is still room for additional presentations. This part is hosted by Mr. Antti Alanen (Suomen elokuva-arkisto, Helsinki)

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