FIAF Cataloguing and Documentation Commission workshop
Wednesday, June 8 - 02.00 pm

New Developments in the FIAF International FilmArchive Database
This workshop will introduce participants to the new customized database software FIAF has commissioned from its publishing partner IVS-Iscientia. The new software will offer FIAF affiliates a web-based method for indexing periodicals for the International Index to Film Periodicals, and in the future will also facilitate gathering of data for the Treasures from the Film Archives and the Bibliography of FIAF Members Publications. It holds great potential for streamlining work on these databases, which are all included on the FIAF International FilmArchive Database. It may also offer FIAF new data management possibilities for other projects in the future.
In 2003 Rutger Penne, editor of the FIAF Periodicals Indexing Project (PIP), began researching how to best replace the DOS-based software previously used for periodical indexing and proposed a web-based solution which could also be used for the other databases of the FIAF International FilmArchive Database. Work on the project began in mid-2004 with development of a data model and database layout. In this workshop, Rutger Penne will present the new software system. He will describe the main features of the new version of the International Index to Film Periodicals: serials control, record structure, search modules, thesaurus application, and the use of the Unicode character set, and will demonstrate how to create and edit records. He will also describe progress on building modules for the Bibliography and Treasures databases. The workshop will conclude with an open discussion on ways the database can be used and further developed to best serve the needs of the FIAF affiliates.

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